Our Structure

The Council

Din l-Art Ħelwa is administered by a Council of 15 members elected every two years at the Annual
General Meeting from among its members. A further eight people can be co-opted by the Council if
it feels that they could contribute to the NGO’s aims.
Prof Alex Torpiano
Ms Simone Mizzi
Mr Michael Warrington
Mr Albert Attard
Prof. Anthony Bonanno
Mr George Camilleri 
Mrs Cettina Caruana Curran
Dr Petra Caruana Dingli
Ms Maria Grazia Cassar
Mr Joseph Philip Farrugia
Mr Martin Galea
Mrs Ann Gingell Littlejohn
Mr Kenneth B Micallef
Prof Luciano Mulé Stagno
Mr Martin Scicluna
Perit Joanna Spiteri Staines 
Dr Shirley Cefai
Mr Godfrey Swain
Ms Daniela Debattista
Ms Vanessa Macdonald


  • Martin L.A. Scicluna
  • Anthony Bonanno
  • Mrs Cettina Caruana Curran