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14 Apr

Now hear the better half

So again the countryside is to be overrun by an army of gun wielding bird stalkers who will continue to decimate endangered species till there are none left to kill. ...

02 Apr

‘Rights of Spring’

There are many of us ashamed of this wish to kill and who cringe at the thought that the authorities can allow a practice that utterly disgraces our nation’s honour. ...

30 Mar

‘Where is Fred Flintstone?’ by George Camilleri

Fred Flintstone dons his animal skin coat, pecks Wilma on the cheek and picking up his spear trots off to kill supper. In the evening, Fred drags supper back to the cave for Wilma to cook. Back then, that was the only way he could feed his family since agriculture hadn’t been invented yet, so there was no plentiful supply...

30 Mar

Din l-Art Helwa awarded Gieh il-Belt Valletta

http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2015-03-30/local-news/Din-l-Art-Helwa-awarded-Gieh-il-Belt-Valletta-6736132985 Din l-Art Helwa was yesterday awarded the Gieħ il-Belt Valletta for its 50 years of service to the city’s cultural heritage. The organisation’s founder, Judge Maurice Caruana Curran, was also a Valletta resident and remained active as Founder President till his death earlier this year. Founded 50 years ago, in 1965, to safeguard and protect Malta’s cultural heritage, Din l-Art Helwa is the...