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17 Jun

Thumbs down to proposed Floriana Observation Wheel

PRESS RELEASE Din l-Art Ħelwa gives a thumbs down to proposed Floriana Observation Wheel Planned to stand 45 metres high, and located off St Publius Street near the Granaries, the construction of an Observation ‘Wheel’ at Floriana has been found totally unacceptable to Din l-Art Ħelwa, National Trust of Malta.  The heritage NGO has made its objections known to the Planning Authority...

10 May


  The recent report on the bulldozing of the parvis of a 16th century Chapel between Luqa and Paola, and the subsequent assurances by Infrastructure Malta, are symptomatic of the cavalier attitude of state agencies towards our cultural heritage, says Din l-Art Helwa, adding that if this incident were the work of a private developer, the authorities would have rightly come down...

30 Apr

Din l-Art Helwa Press Release 27 April 2019

Din l-Art Helwa condemns the decision by the Planning Board to grant a permit to a new petrol station in Burmarrad.  This decision is especially objectionable since the government has already accepted that the fuel stations policy is flawed and requires revision. The government has however failed to provide a sound and timely policy review on the relocation of fuel stations...

11 Mar

Press Conference : An informed discussion on the Malta-Gozo tunnel has yet to start

Press Conference 09/03/2019 Whilst fully acknowledging the need to address mobility challenges experienced by Gozitan workers and students, we express our disagreement with declarations that the discussion about the Malta-Gozo tunnel is closed and that we are now at an ‘implementation stage’. The discussion has not even begun as there is currently a total lack of studies and information on the...