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11 Mar

Press Conference : An informed discussion on the Malta-Gozo tunnel has yet to start

Press Conference 09/03/2019 Whilst fully acknowledging the need to address mobility challenges experienced by Gozitan workers and students, we express our disagreement with declarations that the discussion about the Malta-Gozo tunnel is closed and that we are now at an ‘implementation stage’. The discussion has not even begun as there is currently a total lack of studies and information on the...

05 Mar

Joint Press Statement – A policy prohibiting ODZ fuel stations should be implemented at once

Eleven NGOs are indignant at the Planning Authority’s failure to revise the current fuel stations policy and at comments indicating that, when revised, the new policy might still allow ODZ fuel stations. The lengthy saga concerning the highly controversial 2015 Fuel Service Stations Policy seems destined to continue as one year and two months have passed since the review was promised...

01 Mar

Significant win in the fight against the db Group project on the ITS site

Today’s decision of the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal is a significant win in the fight against the monstrous db Group project on the ITS site. Whilst we express our disappointment with the Tribunal’s decision to uphold the permit given by the Planning Authority (PA), we positively note that this permit will, for now, remain suspended, meaning that works cannot...