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26 Mar

A strong planning regulator, by Martin Galea

Prior to the 2013 election, the Labour Party had a framework manifesto it had committed to implement. In the section on environment, the document stated that by giving priority to the environment, the government would improve quality of life by implementing a number of deliverables. These included strengthening the protection of outside development zones, empowering citizens to protect public domain zones,...

03 Feb

Our green challenges

by Martin Galea Our environment, both natural and cultural, is under siege. There is a spiralling increase in construction in our outside development zones, demolition of our vernacular historical buildings, and as yet an unnoticed tacit approval of five floors in all our three-floor areas within development zones. We are told that we need high-rise to ensure that we do not create...

13 Apr

National Parks for Malta

Malta is a beautiful country. it is a small country and it is also one of the most populous countries in the world. This makes what we have all the more precious. Our countryside is quite spectacular in its variety. From tilled fields and lush valleys to harsh plains or xagħri, the countryside changes and develops with surprising rapidity. It is...

04 Nov

Debate on the countryside

by Martin Galea Last week I attended the Save the Countryside debate organised by Din L-Art Ħelwa at the Old University building in Valletta. The panel looked set for the mother of all battles – Michael Falzon, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning, and Malta Developers Association president Sandro Chetcuti on one side, and shadow minister for the environment Marthese Portelli, Marlene Farrugia, Labour...

02 Jun

Listen to Us

  by Martin Galea This year the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland celebrates 50 years of Operation Neptune. Set up in 1965 as a reaction to the increasing development along the coastline, the launch was enthusiastically taken up and captured the imagination of people in Britain who were keen to save their beautiful heritage. Money was...