01 Jul

A nightmare in Swieqi

It takes 20 minutes for a whole street of law-abiding citizens to have their lives turned upside down, and the same amount of time for an iconic viewof a major landmark to be stolen from the public gaze forever. This is what happens when an eight-storey hotel is given the green light in a ‘residential buffer zone’. This is what happens when...

18 Mar

Are we ready for high-rise buildings?, by Maria Grazia Cassar

January 2017 In the wake of the approval of the Townsquare and the Mriehel Towers, Din l-Art Helwa launched the Skyscraper Campaign to raise the funds necessary to make appeal cases against these two permits. The first hearings took place in November, and the process will resume in January. The response from the public, was extremely encouraging, and goes to show that...

18 Mar

Skyscrapers at the crossroads

by Maria Grazia Cassar We have heard the phrase that we did not ‘inherit’ our world but are taking care of it for future generations so often that the severity of this claim no longer has any impact on our sensitivity. We live, we use, we thrive and it is all in the moment, without any real consideration of the future. Contrary to...