Media Statements

28 Jun

Letter to the Times from DLH & Gaia on Ramla l-Hamra

28 June 2007 We refer to Sylvana Debono’s letter of 27th June on behalf of Mepa, in reply to our previous statement that almost one third of the area approved for redevelopment at Ramla Bay consists of structures built without a permit, and that these cannot qualify for redevelopment. These structures consist of storage rooms, large elevated terraces used as car parks,...

19 Jun

Ramla Bay permit – Din l-Art Helwa & the Gaia Foundation

Press Release 19 June 2007 The NGOs Din l-Art Helwa and the Gaia Foundation today again questioned MEPA’s decision to issue a permit to redevelop ‘Ulysses Lodge’ in Ramla Bay, Gozo on the requested footprint. On 6th May the MEPA Board granted a permit...

06 Jun

DLH slams Mepa approval of tourist complex at Ramla Bay

6th June 2007 Din l-Art Helwa expresses its strong disapproval of today’s decision taken by the MEPA board to grant a permit for the construction of a large tourist complex in Ramla Bay, Xaghra, Gozo. The existing buildings known as ‘Ulysses Lodge’ are to be demolished and replaced with...