10 May 2022

Chapel of St Roque, Zebbug

Open first Sundays of the month and by appointment. In 1592 the first bubonic plague epidemic hit the Maltese Islands, probably brought over by the galleys of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. About 3000 people died of this severe disease and a certain Tumas Vassallo and his wife Katarin initiated the building of this chapel the same year. St Roque is...

01 Apr 2022

Chapel of Santa Marija ta’ Bir Miftuh

  This chapel was built in around 1430 and is one of the best preserved examples of a fifteenth-century parish church in Malta. It has some interesting frescoes and provides the ideal setting for the annual Bir Miftuh music festival organised each spring by Din l-Art Helwa. Open first Sunday of the month 9.30 – 12.00 hrs, and by appointment. This Chapel located...

30 Mar 2022

Our Lady of Victory Church, Valletta

This was the first church built in Valletta. It was built on the spot where a religious ceremony was held to inaugurate the laying of the foundation stone of the new city on 28th March 1566, and commemorates the victory over the Turks during the so-called ‘Great Siege’ of 1565. Grand Master La Valette was originally buried here, and his remains...