Heritage Sites

06 Oct

The Great Siege Monument in Valletta

The monument commemorating the Great Siege of 1565, an Antonio Sciortino masterpiece, was the focus of a conservation initiative which aimed to preserve this major Valletta landmark for future generations. The project was sponsored by Malta-based trade finance institution FIMBank plc and coordinated by heritage NGO Din l-Art Helwa. This well-known sculpture, which is located opposite the Law Courts in Republic...

06 Oct

The Restoration of the Queen Victoria Monument in Valletta

Din l-Art Helwa’s latest restoration project is the conservation and restoration of the monument of Queen Victoria in Valletta, located in the prominent and popular square in front of the national library in Valletta.The statue was erected in 1891 and is the work of the Sicilian sculptor Giuseppe Valenti.The statue and the pedestal are executed in white marble, while the...