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28 Jun

Demand for holistic urban sustainable development and green transport projects

We are a group of environmental NGOs, voluntary organisations and active citizens who wish to voice our concerns in unison and feel the urgent need to put forward an alternative vision to the way urban development and transport projects are being planned and executed. We believe piecemeal projects such as the Kappara Junction, Marsa Junction, and the Central Link Project,...

16 Dec

Membership Renewal/Gift idea

Dear Valued Members and friends, Please accept our thanks for the financial and moral support that you provide to Din l-Art Ħelwa.  We can only continue to look after our built and natural heritage with our members’ and sponsors’ support. We would like to invite you to renew your membership for 2017 to continue your membership for the coming year.  This may...

09 Nov

NGOs call a Public Protest in Support of the Environment.

Environment Groups are extremely concerned by the Authorities’ lack of protection of the environment. The first eight months of this administration have been marked by the introduction of several new policies in favour of more construction, relaxation of existing building regulations, condoning of illegalities and scant enforcement. All this clearly reveals that the administration’s commitment is to the development lobby and not...

09 Feb

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