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21 Mar


 A VOTING DOCUMENT FOR THE CULTURAL AND NATURAL HERITAGE (Survey active from 12 January 2013 to 23February 2013) THIS WAS HOW YOU VOTED Stop the Building:  Prevent the despoliation of Malta’s remaining countryside, protect the landscape and public views from development and take action against illegal use of land. 1 Promote sustainable water:  Let’s face it.  The lack of water and the heavy cost of...

06 Apr

Manoel Island: A Chance to Show They Care

Location is key to success in most businesses which offer custom to people. In property development it is even more so. The richest land owner in Malta is the government and this throws serious onus on our leaders to use Malta’s assets wisely. It is easy to trade Malta’s finest locations such as those overlooking...

13 Oct

Farmed fish may soon replace ocean catches

Download Video here Will there be any fish left in the ocean in 2050? That’s the hook of a new US research study which claims that despite quotas set up to limit overfishing, the numbers of big fish are dropping. The catch we crave – salmon and tuna, halibut and cod, among others – may soon be a delicacy of the past,...