DLH Press Release 1st May 2009

Din l-Art Helwa has repeatedly stated that no permits should be granted for tall buildings until a national policy has been drawn up for the construction of tall buildings in Malta. Din l-Art Helwa strongly urges the Malta Environment and Planning Authority to introduce such a policy without further delay, and to suspend all applications for tall buildings until this has been carried out.

The proposal PA 6239/08 for the site in Sliema known as ‘Villa Bonici’, includes tall buildings of up to 12 storeys. The site is immediately adjacent to the Urban Conservation Area (UCA) of Sliema, which is characterised by 2- and 3-storey traditional buildings. The site consists of the garden of ‘Villa Bonici’ which is located within the UCA, and until 2006 this garden was itself included in the UCA, together with the house, in the draft Local Plan for Sliema.

No decision on this application should be taken before a national policy for tall buildings has been drawn up, as well as a study of the impact that the proposed development would have on the character of the townscape, due to its immediate proximity to the Urban Conservation Area of Sliema and the potential loss of a significant area of urban green space in a congested locality.