Din l-Art Helwa Press Release – 25 June 2009

Din l-Art Helwa once again urgently stresses the need for good governance atthe Malta Environment and Planning Authority. There continue to be far too many applications which have been approved against Mepa’s own policies and good practice, as recently with the scandalous permit for the construction of a new building in a highly sensitive area of Bahrija.

The application not only goes against the principle of restricting new residential development outside the development zone, but the location of the building also endangers a rare endemicspecies of fresh-water crab that still survives in that area – and which Mepa is duty bound to protect.

Din l-Art Helwa demands to know how this application was approved when it blatantlygoes against so many planning policies. If planning is to be taken seriously then the whole culture within the planning process needs to change.

Clear policies, and consistent and transparent application of these policies, is the only way thatMepa can regain its moral authority and attempt to save what is left of Malta’s fast dwindling natural and cultural assets.