Din l-Art Ħelwa will be carrying out a restoration of the Tower with the support of a Gal Majjistral Foundation Funding scheme and will require educational and information materials to support this programme.

1 : Restoration works for the Rehabilitation of Qalet Marku Tower. 

Job No: 0342(137)
Job Address: Torri Qalet Marku, Qalet Marku, Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq

 2. As part of the communication brief of this project we are looking for suppliers to supply:

1. An interactive eBook suitable for adolescents and adults
2. A childrens’ activity sheet suitable for under 13s
3. 1 outdoor signage Unit carrying a sign A3 in size and QR code
4. 1 3D Stone models approximately 14 inches square.

Main learning objectives of this proposal

  1. Information about the Qalet Marku Tower itself – Its history, location, building design, subsequent changes during the British period, restoration by Din l-Art Helwa
  2. The components of the Tower Garrison, its weapons and armaments.
  3. The purpose, history and security system offered by the De Redin watch towers.
  4. The many heritage ruins still present on the Qalet Marku area from different historic periods will be traced and written up as a trail.