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inivito conferenza 16-10-14


On the occasion  of Italy’s Presidency of the European Union, Din l-Art Helwa in collaboration with the Italian Embassy and the Italian cultural Institute presents:

“Arte italiana – patrimonio maltese / arte maltese – patrimonio italiano

Italian art – Maltese heritage / Maltese art – Italian heritage “, a talk by Sante Guido and Giuseppe Mantella, Conservators.

In the President’s Room , casino Maltese, 16th October at 18.30.

The talk will be in Italian and free of charge.  Info www.dinlarthelwa.org  tel 21225952


A run through of the exchanges between Italian artists in Malta and Maltese artists in Italy.  Examples will cover Sicilian paintings of the fifteenth century until artists of the twentieth century, such as Antonio Sciortino.  Emphasis will be made on Melchiorre Cafa’, especially in the light of a newly discovered work by this artist in Rome.