Heritage Sites Managed by DLH

Welcome to a map showing the sites restored over the years as well as the sites held by Din l-Art Helwa under guardianship. Impressive!
You can find more information about the restored sites by clicking on each site colour-coded in yellow on the map, or by going to the Chronicle of Restorations | Din l-Art Ħelwa – National Trust of Malta (dinlarthelwa.org), which shows them in chronological order, including information about the sponsors and partners.
Sites held under guardianship are open to the public – some of them only by appointment – and you can check out up to date information from the Facebook sites for each site as listed on the Din l-Art Helwa page: (2) Facebook
Kindly note that our sites are opened by a team of dedicated volunteers and the opening times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the latest information on social media! Flags are flown from most of the sites to show that they are open…

Restored Sites

DLH Guardianship



Chapel of Sanċir, Limits of Rabat

Images-Rene Rossignaud

Wignacourt Tower, St Paul's Bay


St Agatha's Tower (the Red Tower), Mellieha

Images-Rene Rossignaud

Torri Mamo, Marsascala


Din l-Art Helwa steps in to help with a number of restoration projects, using its expertise and experience to ensure that these are done to the highest standards of conservation and preservation. 
Very often, it teams up with other entities and also taps into corporate sponsorship funds – without which many of these projects would never get off the ground.

Over the decades, it has restored a number of sites which it eventually took over as guardian. However, there are also fountains, statues, paintings, vestments and even a cave, which it has helped to restore. Check out our chronological list here to see how much has been done over the years, as well as information about the restoration itself and the sponsorship that made it possible.


Many of the sites held by Din l-Art Helwa under guardianship are unique and utterly memorable, both because of their location and because of their history and significance. 
If you are planning an event – whether a party, wedding, concert, corporate meeting, team building event or even a picnic, then why not make it truly special by having it at one of our remarkable venues? 
You can find out more information about the logistics at each venue – from parking and kitchen facilities, to toilets and capacity – by clicking here. We would be delighted to help you find the perfect location.