Although referred to as a tower this building was a fortified country residence built by the Mamo family in 1657 as protection against invading pirates from nearby St Thomas Bay.

The building has a unique shape with sixteen sides. On entering one finds a beautiful round domical-roofed room leading to four smaller rooms forming the four arms of the cross. On the left-hand side a staircase leads to the roof with wide views over the bay and surrounding countryside.

A two-metre ditch surrounds the Tower and there was formerly a draw-bridge. In the ditch there is a 4th-century Roman tomb which was probably originally from the Phoenician period. Over the years the Tower has had many owners. It was inherited by Lord Strickland, Prime Minister of Malta from 1927-33 and was then sold. In 1940 it was taken over by the British military authorities as a regional headquarters, and a pill box was constructed on the roof.

It was subsequently rented to a family from Zejtun but due to severe deterioration they gave up the lease in 1987. It was then handed over to Din l-Art Helwa by the Ministry for Culture, and a study of repairs required to the external walls was made in 1988, and deteriorated stone masonry was replaced. Pilasters were erected to be able to install a gate at the entrance from the road. Between 1994-95 flagstones were laid on the floor and the restoration of the external walls as well as the installation of internal and external lighting was completed.