Din l-Art Helwa announces the launch of its 2009 Built and Natural Heritage Journalism Award Scheme for journalistic publications that have made an outstanding and significant contribution to the better appreciation of the built and natural environment of the Maltese Islands within the last year.

This scheme consists of two awards: the first will deal with articles regarding Malta and Gozo’s built environment including historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and the vernacular character of the towns and villages.

The second award will be for articles dealing with the natural heritage covering the appreciation of Malta’s natural environment and landscapes, including its open spaces, maritime heritage, flora and fauna and natural resources.

Entries may be submitted to one of the two categories of journalistic writing. Journalistic entries for the Built Heritage Award may refer to a single building, a complex of buildings or a historic urban environment or townscape. Entries for the Natural Heritage Award may refer to any aspect of Malta’s natural environment and landscapes.

The awards are open to all journalists and occasional contributors in Malta and Gozo. To be eligible for inclusion the work or series of works must have been published in Malta within the 12-month period up to 31 August 2009.

Submission for consideration for an award must be received at the Din l-Art Helwa Offices, at 133 Melita Street, Valletta by the 30 September and the announcement of the winners will be made in November. The Din l-Art Helwa Built and Natural Journalism Award Scheme is made possible with the support of the Malta Institute of Journalists.

For further information regarding terms and conditions and for application forms please call at 133 Melita Street, or phone on 2122 0358/2122 5952.