Din l-Art Ħelwa has launched the XVII Architectural Heritage Awards Competition, one of the many initiatives by the NGO to encourage and motivate architectural best practice.

The awards come at a time when the island is irretrievably losing much of its character through insensitive construction, resulting in the demolition of buildings, rather than their restoration, and in projects which overwhelm the urban landscape.

“Despite the large number of objections to projects which DLH feels contravene planning laws and policies, there is no doubt that some architects produce work that is a tribute to their profession, and this is what we want to showcase,” the awards coordinator and chair of the jury, Maria Grazia Cassar said.

The programme is carried out each year with the support of the Kamra tal-Periti. There are three categories for project submissions: the regeneration of an area; the adaptation of historical buildings to new uses; and the restoration and/or conservation of buildings. Projects can relate either to a single building, a complex of buildings, or to a historic urban environment or townscape.

The ‘Judge Maurice Caruana Curran Award’, named after DLĦ’s founder, will be awarded to the best winner overall in all categories. The project will be judged on the quality of the work executed, its historic, cultural, educational and social relevance, the preliminary research conducted and the aesthetic and visual merit. The project may be on a scale ranging from small to large and should display a standard of work which would be outstanding in a Maltese context.

Submissions for the XVII Din l-Art Ħelwa Architectural Heritage Awards should be for projects completed in the last year up to 31 st March 2023. Submissions must be received at Din l-Art Ħelwa, 133 Melita Street, Valletta by Friday 29th September 2023.

More information about the Award Application and Registration forms are available from the Kamra tal-Periti, or from the Din l-Art Ħelwa office. For further information please call 21220358/21225952 or email info@dinlarthelwa.org