Petra Caruana Dingli

Petra's blog follows events and news on the rural and urban environment, and on cultural heritage - mostly in Malta

01 Oct

Qolla l-Bajda Battery

     by Petra Caruana Dingli The Times of Malta reports that graffiti has been scrawled on the walls of an 18th-century coastal battery at Qbajjar in Gozo. In its print version today, the Times describes it as ‘Santa Maria Battery’, although I know it as ‘Qolla l-Bajda Battery’. It was built...

27 Sep

Will you save more energy next year?

  by Petra Caruana Dingli The Times of Malta has pointed out that the promise of cheaper electricity might lead to people losing interest in solar energy. Financial considerations win over environmental concerns in most families. Photovoltaic panels require a substantial capital outlay and if electricity is going to be cheaper then the idea of investing in...