The next cultural presentation organised by Din l-Art Helwa will be that by Adrian Strickland on Thursday 16th April. Adrian Strickland, who is passionate about insignia, will be sharing his findings of the study he has made of the Guardia della Piazza or ‘Main Guard’, a historic site that has witnessed many of Malta’s finest historical moments.


During his illustrated presentation Adrian Strickland will trace the history and use of this building from the 17th Century to the present day, and will also discuss the almost three hundred wall paintings in oil that adorn the walls of the only ‘Officer’s Guard’ in the Malta Command. Malta is peppered with British military insignia on buildings, but perhaps nowhere more than at the Main Guard on Piazza San Giorgio in Valletta. There are numerous examples of regimental badges, historical subjects, anecdotes, cartoons and even nostalgia, to be examined among the paintings. Built by the Order of the Knights of St. John and then used by the British, this building served as a guard house until the 1960s, while the upper part served as the Officers’ Mess of the King’s Own Malta Regiment.


A former ‘Territorial’ soldier, part time news TV cameraman, businessman and diplomat, Mr. Strickland’s interests have centred around insignia for many years studying the language of symbols particularly on badges, medals, heraldry and flags. He has designed, sculpted, painted and lectured at university on these subjects. Mr. Strickland has been responsible for the devising of Malta’s National arms, the Municipal Arms of Malta and Gozo. He has also designed the President’s standard as well as the National Order of Merit and other official medals as well as in public and private domains.


The presentation will take place at the Judge Caruana Curran Hall at 133 Melita Street, offices of Din l-Art Helwa. Participants are kindly asked to be seated by 5.45 pm. Admission is free of charge, but donations towards Din l-Art Helwa’s restoration projects would be much appreciated.