The Coalition Against Spring Hunting has welcomed the decision by the Prime Minister to close the hunting season following the appalling events of today, when a shot kestrel fell into the playing field of St Edwards’ College.

The Coalition condemned in no uncertain terms the insistence of some on carrying out such atrocious acts, and commends the PM for not hesitating in following up on commitments to have zero tolerance for poaching, after a narrow majority voted to allow hunting of turtle dove and quail in spring. It reminds all bird lovers to remain ever vigilant to assist in the continued protection of Malta’s avian friends visiting its shores. It shows that despite the occasional set backs, the people should persist in efforts to keep improving Malta’s guardianship of its environment, which efforts can and do bear good fruit.
The coalition also called upon the hunting community to spare no effort to put an end to such heinous acts of poaching.

Rodolfo Ragonesi
Coalition against Spring Hunting