Press Release 5th March 2014

Din l-Art Helwa is concerned that options for the possible locations of the new gas storage tanker at Delimara have not all been assessed in detail. In a long-term project of major national importance, it is expected that all options are seriously assessed but this has not been done.

In the race to meet deadlines, the planning authority is now ready to accept the location of the plant inside the bay before all risk assessments have been presented.

The nautical risk assessment and harbour risk assessment are still not available. These should be presented before a decision on the location of the storage tanker is taken by the planning authority. Other users of the bay have a right to know how their own activities will be affected by the presence of the storage tanker, and to express their opinions and ask questions before a decision on the location of the tanker is taken and not afterwards.

As expected, the Environmental Impact Statement also confirms that the gas storage tanker will have a majornegative visual impact in the bay. This would be avoided if the tanker is instead located outside the bay.

Din l-Art Helwa still maintains that the overall risk analysis is unsatisfactory, and is submitting further comments and queries to MEPA on this.