The Malta Maritime Authority has entrusted the Delimara Lighthouse to Din l-Art Helwa. This 19th century landmark was constructed by the British Authorities shortly after the building of the Ta’ Giordan lighthouse in Gozo.

The restoration is being carried out in two phases. First the entire fabric of the lighthouse is being restored, including damage to the walls, timber apertures, roof and the lantern tower, which are in a moderate state of conservation. This will be followed by the restoration of the lantern machinery and mechanism.

Until 1896, the Lighthouse boasted a static red lantern but this was then replaced by a more powerful gasoline lamp, operated by hand-wound mechanism, that produced beams of alternating red and white light flashed at intervals of 30 seconds. Its arc of visibility ranged from bearing of 19 to 295 degrees up to a range of 19 nautical miles.

The restoration is being sponsored by the Malta Maritime Authority.