This cemetery lies close to Portes des Bombes in Floriana, and was opened in 1857 when the group of cemeteries close to the bastions in Floriana were full. One of these cemeteries is now known as the Garden of Rest and is also managed by Din l-Art Helwa.

The Ta’ Braxia cemetery was designed by Emanuele Luigi Galizia who was only 25 years old at the time. Later he was responsible for the much larger Addolorata Cemetery in Paola. Bombing during World War II damaged several of the larger ornamental monuments at Ta’ Braxia, and the blasts flattened several of the vertical headstones.

In 2000 Din l-Art Helwa in conjunction with the Department of Health set up a Restoration Committee to renovate and improve the appearance of the cemetery. The remains of residents of various nationalities lie here, and there is also a Greek and a Jewish section.

In 2001 an association named the ‘Friends of ta’ Braxia’ was set up and assumed responsibility for the maintenance and ongoing restoration of this property, which is actively supported by Din l-Art Helwa.