This battery was erected in 1715 to protect the South Comino Channel. Original 24-pounder cannon are mounted within the perimeter.

This battery was erected in 1715 to protect the south Comino channel, and is one of three surviving coastal batteries. It was equipped with two 24-pounder and four 6-pounder cannon. This type of coastal battery was built to resist the disembarkation of troops from an enemy fleet. It was fitted with a semi-circular enciente facing the entrance to the bay and contained eight embrasures as well as being enclosed by a wall that protected it from a landward attack. It also had a blockhouse to accommodate the garrison and to store ammunition and supplies.

Restoration of the Battery commenced in 1996 and proved to be particularly

The project was completed with the installation of an iron gate to the main entrance, the blocking of six of the eight embrasures with an iron grill and the mounting of a 6-pounder cannon which was transferred from its location about four hundred metres away by helicopter in a joint operation between the Armed Forces of Malta and the Royal Navy. The original 24-pounder cannon were still on the island and have been mounted within the Battery.  challenging. The stone in the embrasures and main entrance was badly deteriorated and the original pointing had suffered severe weathering. The roofs of the blockhouse need urgent repair and the entrance was about to collapse. Flagstones were laid in the three smaller rooms and the entire enciente was repointed.